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POOLWORLD, a professional air source heat pump manufacturer with rich experience and large production capacity, can provide OEM and ODM services.
Our OEM and ODM service can develop and design the air source heat pump according to your ideas. In addition, with R&D technicians and laboratories, Poolworld, the air source heat pump manufacturer, processes its core technologies — full inverter technology, enhanced vapor injection, ultra-quiet feature, and intelligent defrosting.
This way, you can get a high-quality and ideal air source heat pump with our comprehensive and considerate OEM and ODM service.

In 2008, a brand dedicated to popularizing clean energy and providing energy-saving heating solutions for thousands of households came into being. This is Pool World.
As the brand name shows, we start with swimming pool heating and face the European market, providing air source swimming pool heat pumps suitable for different sizes and types to meet the swimming pool heating needs of different families and provide the most comfortable and useful experience.

Products Category

POOLWORLD, as an energy-efficient air source heat pump manufacturer for houses and swimming pools, provides you with competitive cooling and hot water heat pumps.
The air source cooling and hot water heat pump has high quality and s certificated by CE, CB, and ROHS quality management systems. When it comes to protecting the environment and saving energy, Poolworld, an air source heat pump supplier with social responsibility, does its part and develops an energy-efficient air source heat pump that consumes less electricity.
POOLWORLD also provides ODM and OEM services.

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    Product Advantages

    POOLWORLD, the innovative heat pump manufacturer, is devoted to innovation and development to provide functional, high-efficient, and ultra-quiet air source heat pump worldwide, even for temperatures low as -30℃.

    Domestic hot water(DHW)+Heating + Cooling
    -30℃ ultra-low temperature stable operation
    Low GWP R32 refrigerant,Super high efficiency A+++ energy lever.
    Low Noise ≤50 dB

    What Can We Do for You

    POOLWORLD, a professional air source heat pump supplier, has been specializing in air source heat pump systems and the air source heat pump market for over 10 years. This way, POOLWORLD knows the end consumers’ requirements and can always provide the ideal air source heat pumps.

    Industry experience

    POOLWORLD has been engaged in the heat pump industry for 14 years, and its main products cover the swimming pool, heating, cooling and hot water industries, providing energy-saving solutions for global users.

    Intimate service

    We can provide product certification requirements for the local market; provide catalogs, technical manuals; solve after-sales problems; participate in leading industry exhibitions with customers.

    OEM & ODM Cooperation

    We can produce OEM standard products, modify products to meet your individual needs, and work with you to design and manufacture best-selling products.

    Energy Saving Solutions

    We provide marketing consulting services and business solutions to partners from more than 40 countries. Solutions for heating, cooling and hot water supply tailored to your market needs.

    Our Projects

    POOLWORLD, as an air source heat pump manufacturer, has provided air source heat pumps worldwide and won its trust with the high-quality and energy-efficient air source heat pump. POOLWORLD provides comprehensive air source heat pump lines, including swimming pool heat pump, heating & cooling & DHW heat pump, and hot water heat pump to meet the market’s diverse needs.


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