• When Installing a Heat Pump, Do I Still Need the Old Heaters or Furnace?
    Heat pumps provide you with a fair amount of warmth, but it is advisable to keep other heating sources in case the temperature drops, or in places where the heads are not enough. An important factor when deciding on which device to use is laid out in the building regulations.
  • What Is a Ductless System?
    The name explains itself as this system doesn't require air pipes. It consists of some outdoor and indoor units called heads that allow the air blowing, and are fixed in the wall as bathroom fans. Each of the splits is independent and can be turned on or off at need.
  • How Many Types of Heat Pumps Exist and Which Are They?
    There are two main types of heat pumps: air source heat pumps that take the heat from the air, and ground source heat pumps that extract it from the ground where the temperature is quite constant, regardless of the temperature above the ground.
  • What is a Heat Pump,and How Does It Work
    Heat pumps are devices that move hot air from one place to another in order to heat the building in the winter, and for cooling in the summer. The process works even at low temperatures, since there is always heat to be sou