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·Full Inverter Technology
Inverter technology means that a heat pump can adjust its energy consumption to the actual needs. The components (compressor and fans) adapt their operating intensity to deliver only the power needed to heat the water. As a result, the heat pump will consume less electricity. An inverter compressor with efficient heat exchangers will give the heat pump a higher COP.

·Enhanced Vapor Injection
The enhanced vapor injection(EVI) technology adopts two-stage throttle intermediate jet technology, and the gas-liquid separation is carried out by using a flash steamer to achieve the enthalpy effect. It is mixed and cooled by jetting while compressing at low and medium pressure, and then normal compression at high pressure to increase the exhaust volume of the compressor and achieve the purpose of improving the heating capacity in the low temperature environment.
The EVI technology can operate stably in the environment as low as -30℃. With the inverter compressor, the heating capacity can be increased by up to 45%.

·Super Silent Mode
1. The space where the compressor is located adopts a fully enclosed design, and the entire whole is treated with suction and sound insulation; the internal sheet metal is pasted with PU wave sound-absorbing cotton, which can effectively absorb and block the high, medium and low frequencies of the compressor operating sound;
2. The compressor is wrapped with sound-absorbing materials, and the triple noise reduction measures of sound absorption, sound insulation and buffering ensure low-noise operation;
3. The internal structure of the fan is designed to effectively reduce the noise of the fan;
4. Low-speed silent mode function, select applications according to the needs of use;

·Intelligent Defrosting
Four-way valve intelligent reversing defrost, multi-point control. Fast defrosting speed, multi-point comprehensive control of time and temperature, reduce defrosting time and improve unit operating efficiency.

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