Fuel, natural gas, electricity prices rise? Looking for an energy efficient heat pump for house heating, cooling and domestic hot water?

POOL WORLD’s air source full DC inverter heat pumps can meet your needs! The following are some cases of this heat pumps installed by our European customers, such as Norway, Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Austria, etc.

With POOL WORLD’s industry-leading ultra-low temperature technology, full DC inverter EVI technology, and silent technology, combined with low GWP R32 refrigerant, especially with super high-efficiency A+++ energy level, the heat pump can operate efficiently and stably in an extremely cold environment of -30°C, and output 60°C hot water to ensure the user’s house heating needs in winter. In addition, this heat pump is the most popular triple supply heat pump on the market. It can not only heat in winter, but also cooling like an air conditioner in summer, and stably provide users with domestic hot water all year round. Compared with traditional electric heaters, gas boilers, and other heating cooling equipment, it can save 75%+ energy power in long-term operation.

Poolworld Heating Project Case

POOLWORLD 100,000㎡ Central Heating Project Case in Xinjiang, China.

The POOLWORLD R32 heat pump was successfully used in central heating.

Poolworld 39000㎡ Central Heating Project in Hebei, China

POOLWORLD heat pumps were successfully applied to Breeding Park

Three Renewable Energy Innovation Projects in Northern China

Poolworld Low-temperature EVI Commercial Heat Pump project 

Poolworld heat pumps were successfully applied Pharmaceutical Logistics Park

POOLWORLD air source heat pumps were successfully applied to Railway Station

EVI commercial heat pumps were successfully applied International Ski Resort

POOLWORLD heat pumps were successfully applied in Middle School

POOLWORLD Commercial Heat Pump Central Heating Project

POOLWORLD Heating Heat Pump Applied in Community Heating

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