POOLWORLD air source heat pumps were successfully applied to Railway Station


POOLWORLD air source heat pumps were successfully applied to China Railway Group Lanzhou Station(488085 ㎡)

This project is a distributed centralized heating project for a total of 358 stations in the Lanzhou section of the Railway Group Corporation, covering the train service section, housing construction section, public works section, freight center, station and other stations from Tianshui to Dunhuang line, Lanzhou to Yinchuan line. Central heating, with a total heating area of 488,085 square meters.

The project started multi-site simultaneous construction in September 2018, and most of the sites were officially put into use before the heating season of that year. So far, it has been running stably for 3 heating seasons, and the indoor temperature can reach above 20℃, and the operation effect is good.


Products:Poolworld Low-temperature EVI Commercial Heat Pump

Heating Capacity(KW orHP): 30-60HP

Heating Method: Floor heating

Heating areas(㎡): 488085㎡

Location:Lanzhou, China

Local ambient temperature range(℃):  -14℃~34℃

How long has it been running stably: 15 year

The main function of this product: Heating and cooling function


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