Private building heating area of 120,000 square meters, school heating area of 4070 square meters, this projects includes heat source construction, pipeline network reconstruction, power reconstruction, 55 sets of 60HP ultra-low temperature heating and cooling units, equipped with a total of 3 10-ton buffer tanks have been installed.

So far, it has been running for 4 heating seasons. In winter, the indoor temperature of heating is 20~22℃. The system operates stable and has remarkable energy-saving effects.

Products:Poolworld Low-temperature EVI Commercial Heat Pump

Heating capacity(KW/HP): 60HP

Heating Method:Floor heating

Heating areas(㎡): 120000㎡+4070 ㎡=124070 ㎡ total.

Number of installed units: 55 units

Location: Hebei, China

Local ambient temperature range(): -9℃~34℃

The main function of this product: Heating and cooling function