Poolworld heat pumps were successfully applied Pharmaceutical Logistics Park


95 sets of EVI commercial heat pumps were successfully applied in Lanzhou New District Pharmaceutical Logistics Park

Lanzhou New District Pharmaceutical Logistics Park is the largest pharmaceutical logistics park in Northwest China, with a heating area of 68,000 square meters, with obvious heating effect and an indoor temperature of 23℃.

Products:Poolworld Low-temperature EVI Commercial Heat Pump

Heating Capacity(KW orHP):30HP /30units, 25HP/65units

Heating Method: Floor heating

Heating areas(㎡): 30000㎡

Number of installed units: 95 units

Location:Lanzhou China

Local ambient temperature range(℃):  -14℃~34℃

How long has it been running stably: 15 year

Function: Heating and cooling function


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