POOLWORLD heat pumps were successfully applied to Breeding Park



33 set commercial heat pumps were successfully applied to Ningxia Digital Agriculture Breeding Park

This is a central heating project in China’s Ningxia Digital Agriculture Industry Breeding Park. The total construction area of the first phase is 111,760 square meters, mainly for the breeding of broiler chickens. The actual use area is 100,000 square meters, with a total of 58 breeding greenhouses. There are 40 sheds for heating, with a total area of 68,320 square meters. The thermal insulation material is polyethylene double layer. The temperature in the shed is required to be 35 ℃, and the end floor heating pipe runs through the wall.

A total of 33 sets ultra-low temperature heat pump cooling and heating units have been installed, and they have been running smoothly for 3 heating seasons.

Products: Poolworld Low-temperature EVI Commercial Heat Pump

Heating capacity(KW/HP): 60HP

Heating Method: Floor heating

Heating areas(㎡): 68,320㎡

Number of installed units:33 units

Location: Ningxia, China

Local ambient temperature range(): -13℃~34℃

The main function of this product: Heating and cooling function


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