The project is the renovation of the old residential houses, the building is not insulated, the end is the old-fashioned radiator, and the secondary pipeline is the original pipe network, and the renovation is carried out while ensuring the smooth operation of the end device.

The total area of the community is 45,000 square meters and the first phase renovation area is 25,000 square meters, and 15 sets of 60 HP ultra-low temperature heating cold and hot water units are installed.

It has been running stably for 4 heating seasons, the system runs smoothly the indoor temperature is 23℃, and the total annual operating cost is 10.7 CNY/㎡.


Products:Poolworld Commercial Heat Pump

Heating capacity(KW/HP): 30HP

Heating Method:Floor heating

Heating areas(㎡): 45000㎡

Number of installed units: 15 units

Location: Hebei, China

Local ambient temperature range(): -9℃~34℃

The main function of this product: Heating and cooling function