Poolworld Low-temperature EVI Commercial Heat Pump project 


18 sets of ultra-low temperature heat pumps were successfully applied to the energy renovation project in Shanxi Province

This heating system design of the project adopts a secondary circulation heating system with a water tank capacity of 18 tons. The heating on the user side is divided into a high area and a low area, and the indoor heating terminal is the floor heating radiant heating terminal. The indoor temperature can reach more than 20 ℃, the heating effect is good, the investment cost is reduced and the operating cost is reduced, and the energy saving and emission reduction effect is remarkable.

Products:Poolworld Low-temperature EVI Commercial Heat Pump

Heating Capacity(KW orHP): 60HP

Heating Method: Floor heating

Heating areas(㎡): 50000㎡

Number of installed units: 18units

Location:Shanxi, China

Local ambient temperature range(℃):  -15℃~34℃

How long has it been running stably: 15 year

The main function of this product: Heating and cooling function


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