Every day after school, Cao Ping would pick up a pair of children from school and return to their home in the public rental housing community of Hutuo Village, Chanba Third Road. Cao Ping’s home is neat and tidy, filled with a warm atmosphere, and the whole family sits around the dining table for dinner, which is extremely pleased. Recently, the reporter visited the public rental housing community in Hutuo Village.

A family of four has a stable and warm home.​

Boil water, choose vegetables, stir-fry, and cook, and within half an hour of entering the door, several home-cooked dishes are on the table. After dinner, the two children sat at the table and studied intensely, while Cao Ping watched with satisfaction. “The rent for this house is only more than 500 yuan a month, and there are all kinds of water, electricity and heating.” Talking about her current life, Cao Ping’s face is full of smiles, “The community has a healthy green environment and excellent property services. It’s a perfect day. , live comfortably.”

Cao Ping is 34 years old this year. She came to Xi’an from Xianyang in 2014 and has been renting in an urban village. Due to the limited living conditions, her two children can only stay in their hometown and live with their grandparents. After being separated from her children for a long time, Cao Ping desperately wanted to bring her children back to her side, but she could not afford to buy a house with only the wages of their husband and wife working, and it was not easy to rent a decent house. ​Therefore, Cao Ping discussed with her husband about applying for public rental housing. Last year, Cao Ping’s family’s dream of changing the living environment finally came true. They were allocated a one-bedroom and one-bedroom in the public rental housing district of Hutuo Village through lottery.

“After getting the key, the whole family is extremely excited. We finally have a home.” Cao Ping mentioned that although this public rental house is less than 60 square meters, it is extremely warm. The couple lives in the bedroom, and the living room is slightly transformed into a living room for two children. What makes her even happier is that there are supporting primary schools and kindergartens next to the community. With the household registration book and the public rental contract, the child can enter school smoothly. With the help of the property and the community, she also found a job as a seamstress in the community, and her family’s life has become more exciting.

Poolworld 39000㎡ Central Heating Project

Software and hardware upgrades support the convenience of residents’ lives. After leaving Cao Ping’s house, the reporter came to the square of the community. The residents were gathering in twos and three, exercising and chatting while exercising. Walking around in the community, the first impression of the whole community is that it is neat, tidy and functional. There are not only sports facilities such as national fitness paths, badminton courts, table tennis cases, but also various vehicle parking areas. There are motorcycle parking areas, love mopeds and tricycles on the ground, and electric vehicle parking areas on the ground. and motorcycle areas to ensure that vehicles are parked in an orderly manner to avoid potential safety hazards. In addition, the community is equipped with “Eagle Eye” equipment that automatically tracks high-definition panoramic views, and uses modern monitoring technology to better ensure the safety of residents. “The rent in the community is inexpensive, and the house has excellent lighting, excellent property services, and convenient transportation. There is a bus at the door, and the greening is also extremely excellent. It feels really warm.” Yu Zhili, a 31-year-old tenant, said that before renting a house, the rent was expensive. It’s unstable, and it depends on the landlord’s face. Now living in public rental housing, life has changed. There is a smart access control at the entrance of the community, and security guards are on duty 24 hours a day. Even if there is no water at home at night, as long as there is a phone call, the property staff will come to the door to provide the water card recharge service. Not only that, the staff will regularly visit the elderly, the disabled and other special households, and will organize warm activities during the New Year and festivals, with a harmonious atmosphere. Build a livable community with high quality. It is understood that the construction land area of the public rental housing community in Hutuo Village is 40.5 mu, with 4 tall-rise residential buildings and 2,004 sets of public rental housing available. The total construction area of the community is 126,336 square meters, with a residential area of 94,749 square meters, 6,976 square meters of commercial buildings, 3,525 square meters of public kindergartens, and a greening rate of 30%. The community will be allocated by lottery on April 9, 2021, and will officially move in on May 1, 2021. The public rental housing carries the citizens’ pursuit of a better life, and is also devoted to the wisdom and ingenuity of the builders. Building 2# of Hutuo Village Public Rental Housing Community is the first tall-rise prefabricated building in Northwest China that adopts integrated construction. The exterior wall on the north side adopts the integrated technology of thermal insulation structure, which is the first case in the country. During the construction process, the discharge of on-site solid waste is reduced by 80%, which can effectively save energy and reduce consumption and reduce environmental pollution. Create a scientific, robust, environmentally friendly, clean, low-carbon modern way of living, production and life for residents. In addition, the use of air source heat pump heating in the public rental housing community of Hutuo Village is also a highlight of the community’s improvement of living quality. In the northeast corner of the community, the reporter saw 8 large square boxes, connected by various pipes and instruments, and a boiler room was built in the far east, which turned out to be the heating center of the community.

Wu Songze, the project leader, mentioned that the air source heat pump is an energy-saving device that uses a high-level energy to flow heat from a low-level heat source air to a high-level heat source. Compared with natural gas and coal-fired boilers, it does not need to use coal, oil, and gas during operation. It uses only a limited amount of electricity to drive the compressor, and only absorbs the low-temperature heat in the air as the main energy source for cold water heating. Through this more green and energy-saving heating method, the residential area has neither open flames nor toxic and harmful gases during heating in winter. and occupant safety. Wu Songze claimed that in the heating season, the public rental housing community in Hutuo Village not only relies on air source heat pumps for heating, but really uses a dual-coupling system of air source heat pumps + natural gas low-nitrogen condensing boilers for peak regulation. The operation of this system will decrease every year. Raw coal consumption was 2,100 tons, carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by 5,460 tons, and nitrogen oxides were reduced by 14.4 tons. According to the changes in heat load and electricity charges, the community will additionally save energy costs by adding electric energy storage systems and use peak-valley electricity prices in the later period, and relieve the pressure on the grid during peak electricity consumption periods. Ensure that the heating of the community is genuinely green, safe and reliable, clean and low nitrogen, safe and efficient, livable and pleasant. In recent years, Xi’an City has comprehensively deepened the structural reform of the housing supply side, and continuously improved the housing market system and security system. “Having a room to live” to “living nicely”. As the key task of housing construction in Xi’an, during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, Xi’an will accelerate the development of affordable rental housing, and strive to increase the number of affordable rental housing to 300,000 units (rooms). Turn numbers and drawings into buildings that rise from the ground, making the living facilities of the affordable housing community more complete, the property services more intimate, the living quality of the residents is continuously improved, and the spiritual life of the residents is more enriched.