A machine that moves heat from one location to another while consuming a little amount of energy is known as an air source heat pump. The pool is heated using air source heat pumps, which pull heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to the water. They make use of less electricity because all they do is move heat from one location to another which was previously there. PoolWorld is a professional air source heat pump manufacturer from China. With Quality and Safety First in mind, they produced high-quality and high-efficiency air source heat pumps.


How does an air source heat pump operate?

A fan is used in the process of the air source heat pump’s operation, which involves drawing warm air from the outside in through the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil absorbs the heat that is produced by the air as it moves past it, and then it transfers that heat to the pool’s water, bringing the water to the desired temperature.


PoolWorld’s air source heat pump has several benefits.

The air source heat pumps offered by PoolWorld are superior to those offered by other companies in terms of both their technology and the attention to detail that is given to it.

  1. Complete inverter technology.The capacity to achieve the greatest possible reduction in energy consumption by heating the swimming pool water with the aid of external heat sources and cutting-edge technologies for the management of energy resources.
  2. Super Silent Working Status. Swimmers frequently do not want to be disturbed by the roar of the machine. PoolWorld is acutely aware of this in the production of air source heat pumps, which are cutting-edge technology to minimize the noise of the machine and provide a quiet exercise environment for swimmers. PoolWorld has taken into consideration the problems that swimming pool users face. 3.
  3. Outstanding achievement in terms of safety.The fact that water is such a good conductor of electricity is common knowledge at this point. PoolWorld takes into account the importance of electrical safety and exercises extreme caution in the selection of materials and the layout of the circuits to guarantee the complete and utter security of the product as well as the well-being of the swimmers.
  4. A quick speed for adjusting the temperature. PoolWorld products have strong environmental adaptability, and they can be used in environments with temperatures ranging from -7 degrees Celsius to -43 degrees Celsius. This means that even in the winter, the pool water can be brought up to the desired temperature in a relatively short amount of time without requiring an excessive amount of energy.

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