How to deal with the bitter winter is a headache for many people, especially those, for instance, from European countries. It is hard to predict the exact drop in winter temperature and the amount of energy supply for household heating.

Therefore, time to seek a more efficient and energy-efficient heating method. With so many heating devices in the market, no matter the blanket or space heater, they can not cover both efficiency and expense. So why not shift your eyes to the household heat pump?

Basic Information of Household Heat Pump

A heat pump is an electricity-driven device that is installed outside the house. It is cost-effective and versatile because of its compatibility with both heating and cooling system; environment-friendly because of its zero dependence on fossils.

  • Working rationale 

According to Wikipedia, when in heating mode, a refrigerant at outside temperature is being compressed. As a result, the refrigerant becomes hot. This thermal energy can be transferred to a central heating system. After being moved outdoors again, the refrigerant is decompressed — evaporated. It has lost some thermal energy and returns colder than the environment. It can now take up the surrounding energy from the air or from the ground before the process repeats. The major parts of household heat pumps include compressors, fans, and pumps that run on electric energy.

  • Benefits of using a heat pump 
  1. Household heat pumps are electricity-driven, which can slack their pollution to the air.
  2. They are more energy efficient (>300% energy efficient) than electric baseboards. 
  3. Household heat pumps are economical and versatile as they can be used for heating during winter and cooling during summer seasons. 
  4. They have low energy running costs. 
  5. They need less maintenance. 


Recommendation of the Household Heat Pump

Household heat pumps of different brands and types are flooding the market at this critical juncture, which offers customers multiple choices on the one hand but confuses them on the other. As the world’s leading heat pump manufacturer, POOLWORLD’s household heat pump can be your expected heating facilitator.


Why choose POOLWORLD heat pumps?

  1. Maintenance-free and longer lifespan: screw-less design and top-notch components from various world’s leading brands for a long lifespan and neat appearance
  2. Flexible: multiple operation modes to be chosen for catering to different demands. 
  3. Easy control: things considered can all be adjusted through a single control panel
  4. Energy-saving: in average, all of our household heat pumps are energy-efficient heat pumps that reach the ERP A++ and even ERP A+++
  5. High efficiency: special efficient compressors with ultra-low temperature jet enthalpy increasing (EVI) technology widen the operating ambient temp range. 
  6. Noise dampening: optimizing the design and upgrading the components to dampen the noise. 



We should face reality: winter heating is more difficult and costly than before. Efficiency and bills seem like two sides of the same coin — choose one and abandon another part. Making the coin stand on the desk instead of lying down requires a more advanced household heat pump, which POOLWORLD can provide.

Established in 2008, POOLWORLD has been committed to providing our heating solutions all around the world. Our investment in technology development keeps mounting up. Till now, we have mastered our core technologies in full inverter technology, vapor injection, noise reduction, and defrosting, which is why our household heat pump will receive such great market responses.

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