Cold weather is not comfortable for swimmers. Nevertheless, swimming in a pool during the winter and coming out feeling chilly? A heat pump could be able to help ease the discomfort caused by the temperature difference between the pool and the surrounding air. PoolWorld is a forward-thinking Chinese company that provides heat pump solutions that are of the highest quality, highest efficiency, and lowest possible noise level. Check this high-end heat pump manufacturer out.


How does a heat pump work?

When converting electrical energy into heat for your pool, a heat pump will do it with reduced energy consumption on your part. This contributes to the heating of the pool beneficially.

The INVERTER Smart Series Swimming Pool Heat Pump that is manufactured by PoolWorld is currently the heat pump that is the most advanced, the most widespread, and the most cost-effective option available on the market.

This heat pump is primarily intended for use in indoor or outdoor swimming pools ranging from 15 to 100 square meters, and it is capable of satisfying the majority of the requirements outlined by the market. In addition to that, it possesses the qualities of being mute, having a full DC intelligent inverter, and having simple control.


Extra Silent

PoolWorld thinks that providing an atmosphere that is free from noise is crucial for swimmers, as the vast majority of swimmers like to swim in an atmosphere free from noise to both exercise and relax. The pool heat pump was designed by PoolWorld to be as quiet as possible during the operation process.

The layout of the flow channel in the wind field can reduce the noise produced by the compressors, the unit body, and other components in several different methods, including elimination, isolation, and suction.

A shock-absorbing block has been attached to the copper pipe so that vibration may be reduced and the dependability of the equipment can be improved. Therefore, the silent impact of the unit can be strengthened in such a way that it can reach as low as 38dB.


About PoolWorld

Since 2008, PoolWorld has been focusing on the development and manufacturing of heat pumps, and it has been offering comprehensive energy-saving heating solutions to the global market by the quality management standards IS09001 and IS014001. PoolWorld has always insisted on the use of heat pump solutions that encourage businesses to reduce their energy consumption and safeguard the environment. To go above and beyond customers’ expectations, PoolWorld works hard to produce heat pump solutions of the highest possible quality.