A domestic heat pump is an efficient and versatile cooling and heating system. Most of the heat pumps you will find today are the air source type of heat pump that transfers heat from the outside air to water which in turn heats your room. It is a type of renewable energy technology that does not rely on fossil fuel combustion, making it much more suitable for the environment. Today, such household heat pumps are a necessity in our daily lives. 

How to Extend Your Household Heat Pumps Lifespan?

If you have a domestic heat pump, you may worry about its maintenance and replacement fees. If you can implement efficient tips for maintenance, the overall maintenance costs and replacement fees will be slashed hugely. Here are some tips to extend your household heat pump lifespan. 

  • Look out for signs of snow buildup during winter.

It would be best if you made it a habit to inspect the outdoor heat pumps during the winter. Check for any snow buildup around the heat pump; remove it if you find any. A frozen unit won’t be able to transfer heat to your home. To remove it, switch off your thermostat and use cold or warm water (never hot water) to melt the buildup of snow. 

You should still inspect your exterior unit if there isn’t any snow in your area. Sometimes fallen twigs and leaves can also become a nuisance. Removing them, trimming any surrounding bushes or glass, and clearing any dirt and debris can help your domestic heat pump function better. 

  • Look out for leaking gutters

Never leave your outdoor unit under a leaking gutter or hose. A leaky rain gutter can cause excess frost to build up around your domestic heat pump. This becomes exacerbated in the winters if any water drips from such leaky gutters onto your unit and freezes over. This will again freeze up the unit, and your domestic heat pump won’t work as efficiently. 

  • Don’t constantly alter your thermostat temperature.

One simple way to extend the lifespan of your domestic heat pump and allow it to work at its best is to maintain an even thermostat temperature. Avoid making constant changes to your thermostat temperature. Keeping your thermostat set between 65 to 70 degrees year-round is a good option. Adjusting the thermostat too often can lead to higher utility bills and sometimes breakdowns for the unit. 

  • Check your air filters quarterly every year. 

Each month or every quarter, make sure you check your air filters for any buildup of dust or debris. Your air filters tend to filter the air moving around your home and can sometimes get clogged with contaminants leading to restricted airflow. This puts more pressure on your domestic heat pump and can reduce its efficiency. This is why you should always clean and change your air filters on time. 

Pool World – Top Air Source Heat Pumps

Pool World is one of the leading suppliers of air-source heat pumps to clients across the globe. Check out some of the most popular air-source heat pumps!


The R32 heat pump features a sleek, screwless design and functions as a dual heating and cooling system with hot water supply capabilities. 

Key Features:

  1. 5 optional operation modes (single space heating, single domestic hot water, single space cooling, space heating + domestic hot water, space cooling + domestic hot water)
  2. Rated Energy Level A+++, the highest level of energy efficiency labels 
  3. Integrated with a color LCD control panel 
  4. Noise reduction design 

The R410A heat pump also features a sleek appearance and functions as a heating, cooling, and domestic hot water supply system. 

Key Features:

  1. Rated Energy Level A++, still pretty impressive
  2. EVI inverter technology
  3. Offers 5 operation modes 
  4. 4-inch color LCD control panel
  5. Features full DC brushless inverter motor for more efficiency paid with the Panasonic twin rotary compressor

The R290 heat pumping system uses full DC inverter technology to provide your home heating and cooling. Here are its key features: 

Key Features:

  1. Higher energy efficiency labeled Class A+++
  2. Utilizes a zero-carbon eco-friendly refrigerant 
  3. Full DC inverter technology 
  4. Offers 5 operation modes 
  5. 5-inch LCD color touchscreen controller 
  6. 4 operating modes (powerful mode, smart mode, silent mode, and vacation mode) each have its frequency allowing you to save energy when needed. 

Why Choose Pool World?

Pool World is one of the world’s leading air source heat pump manufacturers. We first started exporting our services nearly a decade ago! Since then, we are proud to say that we have successfully penetrated markets across Europe, Southern America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East with our state-of-the-art domestic heat pump systems. We ensure quality, reliability, and efficiency with our products and are certified with ISO9001 and ISO14001! 

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