Swimming is a popular summer sport that many people like since it keeps them cool and improves their cardiovascular health. And it would be a shame for people who enjoy swimming to only be able to do so during the summer months of the year. The company we’re introducing today, PoolWorld, manufactures an air to water heat pump system that offers a year-round solution for pool temperature control, so their incredibly effective products will enable avid swimmers to swim comfortably in the winter. Examine the specifics.

How does the system for air to water heat pumps operate?

The air to water heat pump is a key element of PoolWorld’s pool thermoregulation system.

The swimming pool’s water receives heat from the air thanks to the air to water heat pump technology. The procedure is similar to how an air conditioner operates. The compressor, evaporator, and condenser work together as the pool heat pump’s brain. A refrigerant serves as the heating system’s flow medium. While the compressor is running, the refrigerant in a pool heat pump’s evaporator is cooled, enabling it to absorb heat energy from the surroundings. The refrigerant then moves the heat energy to the condenser. Pool water that is flowing outside the condenser then absorbs the heat that the refrigerant gave, effectively heating the water.


PoolWorld’s air to water heat pump systems has a high efficiency since they make use of ambient heat, which is their main advantage. The low operating costs of PoolWorld’s air to water heat pump system also demonstrate its effectiveness. A heat pump can save pool heating costs by around 50% when compared to natural gas, especially given how costly natural gas is getting these days.

The air to water heat pump system from PoolWorld has the additional advantage of having a longer lifespan than other types of pool heaters. The air to water heat pump system from PoolWorld is impervious to water and dust, ideal for a wide variety of temperatures, and built to survive hard situations.

Voice from PoolWorld

PoolWorld has been producing and providing complete energy-efficient heating systems to the international market since 2008. Additionally, it has earned certifications for quality management under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Additionally, PoolWorld has the expertise and know-how to support our partners in locating the ideal solutions for their problems. Our expert, international, customer-focused workforce is capable of accomplishing that. We recognize that the most crucial element of our business is our clients. Please visit PoolWorld’s official site for more information on our products.