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POOLWORLD  Air Source Heating & Cooling & DHW Heat Pump adopts the world’s advanced Full DC EVI technology, which enables the residential air source heat pump to run smoothly in an environment as low as -30℃. The advanced full inverter technology and air source heat pump system from POOLWORLD give the residential air source heat pump a higher COP. The heating & cooling heat & DHW heat pump from POOLWORLD plays the role of heating and cooling heat pump and domestic hot water heat pump all in one, which is the ideal residential air source heat pump for many houses. The heating & cooling heat pump& the DHW heat pump have five modes available for users to adjust freely: single space heating, single domestic hot water, single space cooling, space heating+DHW (hot water priority), and space cooling+DHW (hot water priority). There are also three options of monoblock type, split type, and commercial type to adapt to different application scenarios in different countries, paving the way for growing into a world-class residential air source heat pump supplier.

Type: Full DC Inverter Monoblock Type and Split Type
Low Ambient Temperature: -30℃/ -22℉
Refrigerant: R32, R410A, R290
COP: Up to 4.9
Energy Label: A+++ tested by TUV
Function: Supports triple supply of heating, cooling, and domestic hot water

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