R290 Full DC Inverter Heat Pump Heating System

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R290 Full DC Inverter Heat Pump Heating System


Item:R290 ECO Heat Series

Technology:Full DC Inverter

Function:Heating, cooling and domestic hot water


Performance:SCOP 4.72



  1. Zero Carbon Eco-friendly R290 Refrigerant

  2. Higher Energy Efficiency Class A+++

  3. Full DC Inverter Technology

  4. Stable running at -25℃ -Smooth operation

  5. Support Multi-language display

  6. 4 Operating Modes Help You Save Energy

  7.      47dB Quiet operation without machine noise

  8. Multifunctional Heat Pumps

  9. Remote Free Wi-Fi Function

  10. Internet of Things (IoT) Platform

  11. Bulit-in a DC inverter water circulation pump–Easy to install

  12. High-Temperature Antisepsis Function

split heat pump



Zero Carbon Eco-friendly R290 Refrigerant

Reducing and preventing global warming is an important mission. Compared to the R410A refrigerant with a GWP value of 2100, the ODP value of R290 is 0 and the GWP value is less than 20, which means that each installation of an R290 heat pump will reduce a lot of carbon emissions and also reduce your carbon footprint.

Full DC Inverter Technology

The Full DC inverter technology makes the unit can intelligently adjust the operating frequency and control the water temperature to keep the room at a constant temps. It can save up to 50% energy electricity compared to ON-OFF units and up to 75% energy compared to traditional boiler electric heat pumps.

Multifunctional Heat Pumps Meet your Year-round Needs

R290 ECO Heat Series is a multifunctional heat pump. It can achieve the following operations by changing the direction of the three-way valve, providing users with residential heating, cooling and domestic hot water with minimal investment.

  • Heating only
  • Cooling only
  • Domestic hot water only
  • Heating+DHW (priority)
  • Cooling+DHW (priority)

LCD Color Touch Screen Control Panel

Support Multi-language display

5 Inches large LCD color touch screen controller and Wifi “Smart life” App support multi-language display. User-friendly design, easier to read and control, solve the user’s foreign language dyslexia, and also better to dealers to expand their business market.

4 Operating Modes Help You Save Energy

It has 4 different operating modes: Powerful Mode, Smart Mode, Silent Mode, and Vacation Mode. Different modes have different operating frequencies, and users can select modes according to actual needs to maximize the energy saving of the unit.

Higher Energy Efficiency Class A+++

Higher energy efficiency class means lower energy consumption. Pool World’s ECO Heat Series heat pump has passed TUV’s ERP A+++ class. It not only has an ultra-high SCOP of 4.86, but also the energy efficiency level can still reach A+++ at 55℃ and 35℃, while ordinary heat pumps can only reach A++ at the highest at 55℃. Its excellent performance can be used as an ideal heating/cooling solution to replace traditional boilers, R32, R410A, and other heating equipment.

47dB Quiet operation without machine noise

R290 ECO Heat Series adopts a special three-layer sound insulation cotton, combined with Pool World’s multiple noise reduction technology, to ensure that the unit runs smoothly and quietly at a noise level of 47dB, without mechanical noise.

Remote Free Wi-Fi Function

The built-in WIFI module of this R290 heat pump can be directly connected to the “Smartlife” APP through the router. Users do not need to buy a WIFI module box, they can control the HP system and view the operating parameters of the unit anytime and anywhere through the smartphone. 

Internet of Things (IoT) Platform

Pool World’s IoT cloud management platform can be connected with Wi-Fi or DUT to realize remote monitoring of data. This platform can record all the operating parameters of the units from Power World. If the unit has an error, the error report will be synchronized to the local service provider or Pool World’s background, and then we will quickly provide users with the best solution, which greatly saves the after-sales communication cost and time costs of users, dealers, and manufacturers.


DC Inverter Heat Pump for cooling  heating and DHW (R290) Specifications








Heating Condition – Ambient Temp.(DB/WB): 7/6℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):30/35℃
Heating Capacity Range (kW)3.2~9.04.2~11.85.6~16.04.2~11.85.6~16.07.7~22.0
Heating Power  Input Range(kW)0.68~2.180.88~2.831.16~3.800.88~2.831.16~3.801.58~5.23
COP Range4.13~4.714.17~4.754.21~4.834.17~4.754.21~4.834.21~4.86
DHW Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB): 7/6℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):15/55℃
Heating Capacity Range (kW)2.5~7.23.3~9.44.5~12.83.3~9.44.5~12.86.2~17.6
Heating Power  Input Range(kW)0.65~2.140.86~2.761.15~3.700.86~2.761.15~3.701.57~5.06
COP Range3.37~3.823.41~3.853.46~3.923.41~3.853.46~3.923.48~3.96
cooling Condition – Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):35/24℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):12/7℃
Cooling Capacity Range (kW)2.1~5.82.9~8.24.5~12.82.9~8.24.5~12.85.4~15.3
Cooling Power  Input Range(kW)0.69~2.190.95~3.071.45~4.720.95~3.071.45~4.721.73~5.60
EER Range2.65~3.042.67~3.062.71~3.102.67~3.062.71~3.102.73~3.12
ErP Level (35°C)A+++A+++A+++A+++A+++A+++
Power supply230V/1Ph/50Hz/60Hz380V/3Ph/50-60Hz
Diameter of pipe (mm)DN25DN25DN25DN25DN25DN25
Max water head (m)991291212
Noise dB(A)≤47≤50≤52≤50≤52≤53
Net Weight (kg)105115160115160165
Net Dimension (L/W/H) mm970×475×8201080×475×9701050×480×13801080×475×9701050×480×13801050×480×1380
Operation Ambient Temp. (℃) -25~43℃
Operating water temperature (℃) 20~65℃(DHW )
Operating water temperature (℃) 20~70℃(Heating)
Operating water temperature (℃)  7~35℃(Cooling)


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