R32 Split EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump

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R32 Split EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump

The R32 split DC inverter heat pump applies EVI inverter technology and low GWP R32 refrigerant, designed with screwless and anti-corrosion metal casing, which shall be the ideal R32 split heat pump for the whole house.


Item:R32 Split EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump

Function:Heating&Cooling&Domestic Hot Water



Combined with low GWP R32 refrigerant, EVI full DC inverter technology, and mute technology, the performance of this R32 DC Inverter Split heat pump is greatly improved. The COP can reach 4.9, and the energy level can reach A+++. It is the best choice to replace the R410A split heat pump system.

1. Low GWP R32 refrigerant
2. Energy level A+++ tested by TUV
3. COP up to 4.9
4. Triple supply of heating cooling and hot water
5. Accurate temperature control of ±0.1°C
6. Max outlet water temps. 60℃
7. The LCD control panel and Wi-Fi App support multiple languages
8. Outdoor ambient temperature as low as -30℃/-22℉
9. EVI inverter technology
10. Intelligent defrosting, fast and efficient
11. Screwless and anti-corrosion metal casing
12. Built in a 3kw electric heater, and reserved 1port to meet higher temperature requirements.


Product Advantages:

  • Low GWP R32 refrigerant

    We need to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent global warming. R32 is one of the Eco-friendly refrigerant in the world. R32 refrigerant is the best substitute for R410A. Compared with R410A refrigerant, R32 is an ozone depression potential refrigerant, it has a lower GPW value. R32 refrigerant has a GWP value of 650, and R410A refrigerant has a GWP value of 2100, which means installing every R32 Split heat pump can reduce a large carbon commission, as well as reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally, the R32 heat pump system requires 30% less refrigerant than the R410A system.


split heat pump


  • Support IoT System Remote Control

    Users can control the R32 split heat pump anytime and anywhere with the IoT system, which provides great convenience.

  • Multi-functions Operating Modes

    The multi-functional R32 DC inverter heat pump for the whole house has 5 operating modes. Users do not need to install additional hot water heat pumps and air conditioners in a whole house system. Instead, only install one POOLWORLD split heat pump that can meet the users’ needs of house heating, cooling, and domestic hot water throughout the year, helping users spend less money to create a warm and comfortable home.

    A. Only Heating
    B. Only Cooling
    C. Only Domestic Hot Water
    D. Heating+DHW (priority)
    F. Cooling+DHW (priority).

  • Higher Energy Efficiency

    Passing the ERP A+++ energy level tested by TUV, POOLWORLD R32 split EVI DC variable frequency house heat pump saves more than 30% energy compared with ordinary air source heat pump.

  • Support multi-language display function

    The R32 Split EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump with upgrading large LCD touchscreen control panel and “Smart Life” Wi-Fi APP supports a multi-language display, which can meet different needs from different regions. You can choose your local language+English when you place the order.


Heat Pump Specifications

R32 Split FULL DC Inverter EVI Heat Pump for cooling heating and DHW
Product modelPD40-CRL-DCFPD60-CRL-DCF
HeatingHeating Capacity Range (kW)6.5~12.610.5~22
Heating input Range (kW)1.41~2.992.27~5.2
current Range (A)6.45~13.74.06~9.30
COP Range4.21~4.624.23~4.63
CoolingCooling capacity Range (kW)4.2~8.27.2~14.2
Cooling input power (kW)1.30~3.332.17~5.55
current Range (A) 5.96~15.33.88~9.93
EER Range2.46~3.232.56~3.32
DHWHeating Capacity Range (kW)5.5~10.58.8~17.5
Heating input Range (kW)1.42~3.422.24~5.61
current Range (A) 6.51~15.74.01~10.0
COP Range3.07~3.863.12~3.93
Power supply230V/1Ph/50-60Hz415V/3Ph/50-60Hz
Working area-30~43℃
ErP Level (35°C)A+++A+++
ErP Level (55°C)A++A++
Compressor BrandPanasonic
Electric 2-way ValveHoneywell x2
Water Pump BrandSHIMGE
Water Head (m)9m12m
Expansion Tank (L)2L5L
Electric Heater (kW)3
Operating water temperature (℃) DHW20~55℃
Operating water temperature (℃) heating20~50℃
Operating water temperature (℃) cooling7~35℃
IP Grade (Level of protection)IPX4IPX4
Anti-electric shock RateII
Noise (dB(A))≤53≤58
Water Connectione (inch)1 (DN25)
Heating Side Water Connection (inch)1 (DN25)
Hot Water Side Water Connection (inch)1 (DN25)
Water circulation (m³/H)2.17 3.78 
Water pressure drop (kPa)25 30 
Net weight/Gross weight (kg)90/100140/155
Body size (W*D*H) (mm)1030×475×970/
Packing size (W*D*H) (Plywood) (mm)1130×575×1120/
Loading quantity (20GP/40GP/40HQ)40/88/8822/42/42
Heating working condition: Inlet water temperature 30℃, Outlet water temperature 35℃, Dry bulb temperature 7℃, Wet bulb temperature 6℃.
Cooling working condition: Inlet water temperature 12℃, Outlet water temperature 7℃, Dry bulb temperature 35℃, Wet bulb temperature 24℃.
DHW working condition: Inlet water temperature 15℃, Outlet water temperature 55℃, Dry bulb temperature 7℃, Wet bulb temperature 6℃.


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